Flexform and language problem

Problem: Flexform does not respect language settings.

Detail: The website in built in TemplaVoila template engine on Typo3 4.x version. But the flexform  was not behaving as expected. Some issues were:

  1. What ever we put as value in default language field it would put the same value in the respective language field.
  2. In the frontend the Extbase based extension plugin would show only the value of the default language irrespective of the language selected.

Search results related to the problem:

  • A very same bug was posted in Typo3 bug reporter in 2013 but nothing was done about it < link to Typo3 bug report >


  • Disabled multiple language in Flexform
  • Placed the FE plugin in all the alternative language pages
  • Added new Extbase code in the repository file of the Typo3 extension to raw access the database and get the translated record and show it in the frontend

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