Gridelements not showing any output in t3sbootstrap

T3sbootstrap is a very popular TYPO3 extension. It can build bootstrap based websites in TYPO3 CMS. Gridelements is another very useful and popular extension. BothT3sbootstrap and Gridelements TYPO3 extensions are available for free in TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).


with Gridelements TYPO3 extension one can create multiple layouts for your website. Each grid layout form  the TYPO3 backend layout. Gridelements is very flexible and agile to use.

This image show use of Gridelements inside the TYPO3 CMS in backend layout.

T3sbootstrap uses Gridelements as dependence which means it uses the features of the extension i.e depends on it.




New layouts created using Gridelements can be used in existing/predefined T3sbootstrap layout templates. Please see  above image. After adding contents elements to the newly added columns of  Gridelements the content would show up in  the frontend view of the page of website. But things are not always smooth at times.  At times you may see only debug outputs or no output at all or error messages instead of the contents as shown in this image


This is because of a quite and rare situation in TYPO3 CMS. This is rather very small thing to miss but can be hard to figure out. The situation gets more bad because of absence of  T3sbootstrap extension documentation in English there is not wide support from non-Germans. It is only avaibale in German (at the time of writing). This causes lot of difficultly in getting started with T3sbootstrap extension and effects its popularity world wide.


All you need to do it make sure that in the main template’s include static section  Gridelements record is above T3sbootstrap’s record. See the below image for proper understanding.