T3PM – A Typo3 AngularJS Project management system

We have first beta release of the Typo3 CMS extension. This extension is optimized to work on latest version of Typo3 7.6 LTS with bootstrap_package template extension.

One thought to “T3PM – A Typo3 AngularJS Project management system”

  1. Really cool! I was thinking about this mix of technologies. I should look into your code, if I find the time I’ll write something about using angularJS in TYPO3. Documentation on making TYPO3 work with these major developments seems to be lacking. I wonder if the TYPO3 community would be better of if it dropped it’s own “fluid” markup. I tried it and it’s difficult to combine with 3th party javascript and limited documented. If you want the nitty gritty it’s often only in German.

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