Developing AngularJS application as Typo3 extension

AngularJS by Google

AngularJS has been around for a good amount of time and is well developed and a very mature platform. You may find more about AngularJS here. To get started with AngularJS coding see our post on “Getting started with AngualarJS” (coming soon).

AngularJS brings in MVC architecture in to the static HTML world. This makes it a ‘must have’ in web applications. AngularJS gives you the feel of working on a desktop application although you are working online via Internet.

One of the big disadvantage of AngularJS is that it is pure JavaScript. Now this fact creates a lot of complication when working with Typo3 and it’s template system.

We would need to get the data from database via Typo3 API and sent it to AngularJS. AngularJS then would use this data to build the client side interface.

Disadvantage of AngularJS in Typo3:

  • Get data from database convert to a suitable format that AngularJS can use.. this means lot of rudimentary work!
  • We loose the Fluid template advantage. We can not use Fluid any more.
  • ..and there are few more

But there are ways to make things to our advantage. In our following posts  you will see how to develop in a more effective way. We will be posting multiple posts related to using AngularJS in Typo3. So look for future posts on FiveE Technologies Blog.

Some hints on what you can expect:

  • We will be building a Project Management System using AngularJS and Typo3
  • This would be a Typo3 extension
  • We will see how we can call individual Typo3 actions from within AngularJS.
  • We will introduce new AngularJS codes within the AngularJS scopes
  • ..and much more as we go on developing the Typo3 extnsion : T3PM – a Typo3 Project Management System based on AngularJS

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