solution for Collaborative editing in real-time

FiveE technologies is working with clients from many different countries and being present is person is certainly not feasible nether for our clients nor for us. We have the internet advantage. We have been using emails, chats, skype call for communication. But needed more.  A tool to collaborate on specifications, designs, documentations, chat meetings with our clients. And it has to be an open sourced application and we came across:

Etherpad : an Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time.

  • it allows multiple users to edit one document in real time
  • Each edit can be be easily identified
  • it supports plugins and integration with multiple other open source application
  • It works on Linux, Windows, Macs
  • is powered by Node.js
  • and you may use any of the free public server hosting etherpad server listed at

Etherpad website:
therpad Git link:
Etherpad public server instances

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